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Writing in First Person

These days everyone writes in first person. It seems that you can’t turn around without seeing another book written this way. And another. And another. But why this sudden trend of first person? What is this collective madness? And should … Continue reading

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Is Failing to Plan Planning to Fail?

It’s almost the New Year. This means that it’s just about time to start making wild promises to yourself about how you’re going to be a much more efficient, organised and less befuddled person for the next 365 days. It … Continue reading

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Things I must do before NaNoWriMo

And so we come, as we inevitably must, to November. My month of hell, elation and more terrible, terrible hell. The month that I have been dying to reach since January. And I am not ready. Not ready at all. … Continue reading

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Plots and Car Parks

Currently, I am watching Alias with a friend. I’m a long term fan but she’s never watched the series before. So we decided that she needed to watch it ASAP in order to appreciate the glory of supersecret spy melodrama. … Continue reading

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Planning is Hard

After a week of furious brainstorming while watching some truly terrible television I have finally completed the plan for the BryBrook epic I won NaNoWriMo with last year (Side note: NaNo 2011 starts in just over three months. Get Excited!). … Continue reading

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