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Scott Pilgrim’s Such an Unreliable Narrator

One of my favourite movies is Scott Pilgrim vs the World. I’m pretty sure both the movie and the comic book it was based off was written specifically for me because every line and every image appeals to the awesome … Continue reading

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Veronica Roth’s Divergent: A Review of Training, Teachers and Virtues Gone Wrong

As you read this, I will be happily burying myself in Veronica Roth’s Insurgent. While you read, I’d like you to picture me curled up under a blanket with a nice cup of tea, alternatively reading obsessively and trying to … Continue reading

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Writing in First Person

These days everyone writes in first person. It seems that you can’t turn around without seeing another book written this way. And another. And another. But why this sudden trend of first person? What is this collective madness? And should … Continue reading

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Finding Your Character’s Voice

I have a bad habit of writing in first person. I go to write and through no conscious thought it just happens. Seriously, It’s like I can’t help myself or something. I have a problem. I’ve only got one real explanation … Continue reading

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