Paolo Bacigalupi’s Windup Girl and Marissa Meyer’s Cinder – A review of setting and character

This week we’re trying something new again. Something that’s so new that should my past self from about 3 years ago somehow warp to the future (And after she got over the whole lack of flying cars and jetpacks thing) she would proclaim it as witchcraft.

Yes, that’s right. It’s Youtube. Not only that, a review on youtube! Who ever heard of such a thing?

Well, regardless of your hearing abilities, I hope you enjoy my first attempt at a video review.


About Meg Laverick

I can never be found without a cup of tea in my hand or a notebook in my bag. In between university and generally being awesome I read, write and nerd (that's a verb, right?). I also like analysing things that are probably best left alone.
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15 Responses to Paolo Bacigalupi’s Windup Girl and Marissa Meyer’s Cinder – A review of setting and character

  1. phoenixandtiger says:

    Ahhh I love your accent it’s so awesome!
    And your wardrobe changes during the summary of Wind-Up Girl – it makes it look kinda like a news report. Dammit I wish it was that Kai (insert fangirl sigh).

    And onto the actual review and the fact that you put it on YouTube – I think I’d probably read Cinder first – it sounds like a book that you can go through pretty quickly. But Wind-Up Girl sounds really awesome, judging from the story line. And setting – to me, I think that’s the hardest part of writing just because it sounds just like every single other city in the world out there unless it’s really that different and/or special – so maybe in Cinder, because it’s set so far into the future, all the cities in the world seem kind of bland and similar because there’s been some law about equality? Hmm.

    And the YouTube thing – really fantastic idea, I wouldn’t mind if you did more video-reviews. Can’t wait for the next post!

    • Meg Laverick says:

      The wardrobe changes? You mean the ‘job interview’? XD I had fun finding my most neck-plungey dress for that XD And just -try- to read Cinder without picturing Kai every time they mention Prince Kai. It’s impossible.

      Setting’s a tricky one. When it’s done right it lends a great depth to the story but when it’s non-existent it often doesn’t affect that much apart from giving that weird generic feel to the whole thing. What I found jarring about Cinder’s lack of setting was that it’s constantly mentioned that they’re in New Beijing but pretty much nothing is done about it. It’s a little weird.

      I’m glad you liked the video though. I had fun filming it and putting it together so you’ll probably see more of them 🙂

  2. Lainy says:

    How come i can tell you have an australian accent here but not in person? O_o

    *snickersnort* Prince Kai. Beyblades theme. Classic.

    I think it would be both fun and incredibly frustrating trying to re-invent a fairytale.

    • Meg Laverick says:

      Maybe the same reason I can’t pick accents in person but watching Aussie dramas and tv shows makes me cringe? Microphones aren’t kind to the accent methinks.

      Why frustrating?

      • Lainy says:

        Microphones are just horrible sometimes.

        Your voice isn’t cringe worthy though, i can just hear it slightly. We need aussies with accents that don’t make anyone cringe. I’m guessing my amusement with the kiwi accent would be ruined if i heard the accent in person. XD

        I’m thinking it would be frustrating to try and write it without just copying the original. Making it the same but different.

        • Meg Laverick says:

          Wait- you’ve never heard a Kiwi accent in person?? How is this possible?

          You could always take a page out of Meyer’s book and add in cyborgs and aliens.That makes it nice and different. Besides, most fairy tales only hacve a few key elements in there. Cinderella, for example, has a nasty step mother, a ball and a happily ever after. All you have to do is fill in the blanks your own way. Even Disney did it with their talking mice 🙂

          (And thanks for saying that my voice isn’t cringeworthy. I’ve gotten used to it but when I was first playing back the video I was like D: I do NOT sound like that!)

          • Lainy says:

            I’m quite sure i probably have heard a kiwi accent in person but i have no memory of it so i may as well never have heard one at all. XD

            I have an idea floating around. It may rear its head around november. Especially since it will be one story and not one in a series. November has a goal already.

            Lol. I must add cinder to my reading list. Can’t pass up aliens and cyborgs. Off to visit mum’s side of the family in a couple of weeks. I’m looking forward to escaping work for a week, some warm weather and doing nothing (of course there’s the obligatory listening to granddad tell the same story over and over again or telling me to eat more. I also like how i say mum’s side of the family as if i visit dad’s side of the family. Hah!).

            Ha ha. I think its normal to react like that to your own voice. I, for one, think my voice sounds way to high and squeeky on video. I have no idea how it sounds so different.

  3. Awesome! It was fun to hear the voice behind the voice of fangirlingthroughfiction. And that doesn’t even begin to mention the insightful and entertaining nature of your reviews (which they were both insightful and entertaining). Thanks!

    //scurries off to add Cinder to my list of books to read.

    • Meg Laverick says:

      I’m glad I’ve encouraged at least one person to read Cinder 🙂 It really is a great book.

      Speaking of- Stolen Climates? Do you have a release date yet?

      • I am aiming for next weekend, but no later than the 25th of this month. I thought everything was good to go, but found a formatting problem with the table of contents. I hope to hear back today on when that will be fixed.

        How long did it take you to prepare for your video review? Did you write out a script first? You did a great job!

        • Meg Laverick says:

          Yay! Next weekend! Colour me excited!

          It took a few days for me to put it together. A day to write the script and then a few more to wrestle with my camera (don’t even get me started on the subject of lighting) and finally to edit the thing together. It was good fun though.

  4. Lainy says:

    So I’ve started reading cinder on jake’s kindle (it feels really weird and futuristic) and have decided who cinder is fairly early on. Is it actually that obvious or is it just me? I’ve been doing it a lot lately…

  5. Ben says:

    Hey! I just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award. Congratulations! You can see the details here:

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