I had a huge bout of ‘ARGH EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING AT ONCE’ this week so I don’t have a new post about techniques for writing fan fiction. Instead, I’ve got a few videos about writing and whatnot I’ve been watching in order to avoid doing all the stuff that’s been happening at once.

How to Write Badly Well

I stumbled upon Joel Stickley quite by accident. It was part of one of those sessions (that only seem to happen at 3am) where you start reading one website, find a link on it and click before reading that and finding another link and another and another until you start reading about all of the characters within the DC universe and you’re not really sure why but you need to find out Nightwing’s entire backstory and romantic affiliations despite not having read any comics in your entire life. Does that happen to everyone? Or just me?

Anyway, so I found this (part of a 6 part comedy routine) and could not stop laughing. Writing is a funny thing and Stickley tells us exactly why. Also, he’s Scottish… I think. And that makes everything funnier.

The Five Elements of Fiction

A really quick overview of the basics of fiction as told in a hilarious edurap. There’s something about people trying to teach you things while being hyper rad that gets me every time.

Live Action Fanfic

[I couldn’t get the embed to work]

A warning tale against Bad Real Person Fan Fiction (Where people write fan fiction about real people- celebrities and whatnot. In this case, it’s about reviewers from That Guy With The Glasses) and a true case of be careful what you wish for. Also, it’s funny beyond all reason.

A hunt for opinions

Which about brings me to the end of a giant procrastination post. Though I would like to ask your opinion on something.

Do you like/have any topic suggestions for my Thursday ‘Let’s talk about something vaguely related to writing and fan fiction’ posts? Would it be better if I changed the format/made the posts shorter/did something different?

I’m switching my Monday post to a biweekly book review/analysis. This one’s not so much a hunt for opinions as me not knowing where else to put this. I was originally just going to seamlessly switch to a weekly book review but then realised I seem to like both particularly thick books and my sanity.

Annd That’s it! See you next week!


About Meg Laverick

I can never be found without a cup of tea in my hand or a notebook in my bag. In between university and generally being awesome I read, write and nerd (that's a verb, right?). I also like analysing things that are probably best left alone.
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9 Responses to Procrastination

  1. JuliansGIrl says:

    I like book reviews!… I also like the fic posts… (Waiting for you to review your fav fic or fic author though…:P)

    Pretty much, I like reading whatever you come up with… whether I understand it or not!!

    Yay, plz write heaps more things!!! ❤

    • Meg Laverick says:

      lol I’d feel bad talking about a fanfic or fic author. It’s much easier taking potshots at published authors because at least they should -know- better. And even when talking about my favourites I’d be snarky XD It’s just how I am when it comes to talking about books.

      And you took a HEAP of literature classes. I doubt I’ve talked about anything you don’t understand.

      • JuliansGIrl says:

        i meant lack of understanding in a Bey sense, not literature…
        …and fair enough on the fic author front… poor bastards.

  2. Lainy says:

    Ha ha, that guy is brilliantly hillarious. And if he is scottish, he did a good job at losing his accent.

    I was going to say a while back i thought you were doing really well at pumping out all these articles. I’m all for Vaguely-fiction thursday if it brings about hillarious links. (also, definitely do the go to one page, follow a link, read, follow another link, get immersed in some random world, follow another link to something completely different and waste a few hours of my life XD it always ends up being so different from what i was originally reading too)

    • Meg Laverick says:

      XD Apparently it’s an issue in contention (he brings it up later in his routine that a lot of people get to his website by googling ‘Is Joel Stickley Scottish?’. And despite googling that myself I couldn’t find a straight answer. Though a lot of his awards and published stuff is based around Scotland so I think he is. Plus it gave me an excuse to link to a Chaser routine and I couldn’t exactly pass that up.

      I once ended up on the Land Before Time wiki reading about their various speech impediments. It was around that time I decided I needed to go to bed. (Also the Nightwing thing? True story)

      • Lainy says:

        Ha ha, i was also trying to google the answer. He has awesome magical powers for concealing it. How do you do that in this day and age? Amazing.

        Wait, they have genuine speech impediments or did someone just have too much time on their hands? O_o

  3. phoenixandtiger says:

    I’m up for nothing different – the way you have it now is perfect. Personally, as for topics…recommendations? On anything really. Or maybe you can try rewriting ‘My Immortal’…though why anyone would is beyond me – I was just reading it and I could swear I felt my IQ drop a few (read: couple hundred) points. Maybe some more links?

    As for book reviews: I dare you to try Sarum, by Edward Rutherfurd. I just dare you (and Russka as another choice – simply because my obsession right now is Russia’s history) Of course, if you actually go through with it, you receive…anything you want? Dunno.

    Can’t wait for the next post.

    • Meg Laverick says:

      *shudders* My immortal is beyond all help, methinks. Though the various dramatic readings you can find on youtube are downright hilarious. I’ve heard there’s one reading by some Scottish guys and (as I may have mentioned before) that makes it even funnier.

      I’ll see if I can find some more links to throw into things XD No promises though/

      You seem to read the weirdest things XD I’ll do my best but I’m not sure If I’ll be able to find them. As a heads up, next time I’m going to chat about Lucky, Alice Sebold’s memoir. It’s really good so if you have a chance totally pick it up for a read. Though be aware of the graphic rape in the first few pages. I knew it was going to happen but I didn’t expect it to happen quite so quickly.

  4. phoenixandtiger says:

    Hmm..I’ll try and find it tomorrow. Graphic rape??? Count me IN. I’m all for reading about the darker side of sex. I think 4chan has rotted my brain.

    I read the weirdest things? That’s a new one – I just spend five hours at the library walking along the shelves, so I guess there’s really no connection between anything I read….

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